The eWaiverPro Dashboard

The Dashboard in eWaiverPro is where you and your team will probably find yourselves most of the time, and where you will confirm waivers were signed. 


You can pick and choose what to see by clicking on any combination of filters from the dropdown list, and the largest filter wins: Next 7 days will supersede Next 2 Days. The example below shows the dashboard displaying Bookeo Events for 7 days in the past to 7 Days into the future, and waivers for Custom Events (not going through Bookeo) that have been signed over the last 7 days.  

Save your favorite view

The menu on the right has many filters that allow you to customize the dashboard's view to suit your business. Select events and waivers for "today" or any range from the last 7 days to the next 21 days. 

When you have the settings set to where you like, click the green star icon, give it a name and click save. This grouping of filters is now saved and available by clicking the circle in the middle. 


Anytime a waiver includes a minor you'll see a number in parenthesis: Jane Smith (3). This indicates the total number of guests the waiver is for, and that at least 1 is a minor. 

Powerful Search

The search bar makes it simple to find completed waivers by participant's name, email or phone - and find upcoming Bookeo events by participant name. 

Simple Check-In

Click the small bell icon and it will turn green. showing that the participant has been checked-in. 



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