How to Setup Bookeo Sync

Syncing eWaiverPro with your bookeo account is incredibly simple and only takes a few seconds. 

  1. Login to
  2. From the home screen click Integrations
  3. Activate Bookeo and click Settings
  4. Click the LINK BOOKEO Button this will launch
  5. Login to your Bookeo account with your Bookeo Account Owner’s credentials
  6. You will then be asked to give access to your account:
    1. Check the box “I agree to grant the above permissions to”
    2. Check the box indicating you accept Bookeo's third party application details
  7. Click Authorize
  8. You will be brought back to your eWaiverPro account page and prompted to click Confirm Bookeo API. 
  9. That's it! Your Bookeo account and eWaiverPro are now connected.
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