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Setting-up your eWaiverPro Account for the first time

It's surprisingly simple to get your eWaiverPro account setup. 

You'll only need a few things handy:

  • Your logo (best on a white or transparent background, wide is better than tall or square). 
    • Need help? email your logo to support@ewaiverpro.com and we'll format and upload it for you within 1 business day.
  • Your waiver in PDF, Microsoft Word or other text format that you can copy and paste
    • Need help? email your waiver to support@ewaiverpro.com and we'll upload it for you within 1 business day. 
  • Bookeo account owners login (if connecting to Bookeo)

When you first login you'll see the same options on the left menu and on the home screen. 

Start with System Defaults. 

  • This is where you'll upload your logo (a wide logo is better than tall, and about 400px wide is a good size)
  • Set your date format mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy based on your location 
  • Set your timezone

✅ Save your settings before moving on with the next step

Then head over to eDoc Management

  • This is where you setup your waiver
    • We recommend having your waiver text handy so you can copy & paste it in. 
    • Don't want to set this up yourself, email support@ewaiverpro.com and request a free setup. 
  • Click Add New Waiver and give it a name (this name will display at the top of your waivers


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