Guests Aren't Receiving "Sign Your Waiver" Emails

Guests Aren't Receiving "Sign Your Waiver" Emails

If you're using Bookeo and a guest does not receive their "Sign Your Waiver" email after making a booking, please investigate the following things: 

  1. Check to see their email address was entered into Bookeo properly - we have found that a typo is the most common reason for this. 
  2. If their email is accurate, and they still did not receive the "Sign Your Waiver" email, please ask them to check their SPAM or JUNK folders.
    1. Email services such as,,, and, along with many corporate email systems and even, have overly strict email delivery and approved sender lists and occasionally transactional emails will be incorrectly flagged as SPAM.
  3. Check the "reuse" settings by editing your waiver and scrolling down near the bottom of the Waiver Settings tab. 
    1. This is an advanced setting that gives you the option to ask your guests to only sign a waiver on their first visit, and subsequent visits will use the original waiver - and they will not receive a notification to sign a new one. 

If you've checked all this and a guest still is not receiving their email, please email and we will gladly investigate further for you. 

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