Not all Bookeo reservations are visible in dashboard

Bookeo events are visible up to 21 days into the future. In the rare event that you don't see existing Bookeo reservations in your dashboard, please try the following:

STEP 1: Check your waiver and verify that it's set to work with Bookeo

  • Go to your Waiver Management page and edit your waiver
  • In the Waiver Settings tab, scroll down and verify that Are You Syncing with Bookeo is set to ON. 
    • If it's OFF, enable it and save your settings and check the dashboard
    • If it's ON, but you do not see all your Bookeo events, click Advanced Settings for your waiver

      Check your settings Under Bookeo Advanced Settings, and verify that your events are ON in Dashboard and in Kiosk.

If that does not display your events:


  • Go to the Integrations page in your account
  • Conform Bookeo is active
  • Click Conform API button, which should generate a green light in the Bookeo Link Status
  • Wait about 30 seconds and check the dashboard again

If that does not display your events:


Re-authenticate the app in Bookeo:

  • Log into your Bookeo account with owner's credentials (click here)
  • Click Account from the very top menu
  • Click Applications
  • Click eWaiverPro 2.0 from the list
  • Click Uninstall to remove the app
  • Logout of Bookeo
  • Head back to the Integrations page in eWaiverPro and click Link Bookeo to re-link and update the Bookeo account.  
  • Wait about 90 seconds and check the dashboard again.

If that does not display your events, please contact us at 

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