How to setup MailChimp Sync

Setting up MailChimp Sync with eWaiverPro is simple. 

  1. Create a new API Key from MailChimp (follow these instructions)
    1. Copy the API key and save it somewhere in case you need to reuse in future 
  2. Login to your account at
  3. Click Integrations (
  4. Slide the toggle under MailChimp to activate, then click settings.
  5. Paste in API Key from MailChimp and then save, this will display any lists that you have created.
  6. Pick the list you would like to sync to
  7. Save your settings 

That's all. Now anytime one of your guests or clients signs a document in eWaiverPro, their name and email will be added to your MailChimp account.

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