What customer data can be collected?

eWaiverPro has been designed to help you collect valuable customer data on everyone who completes a waiver. 

You can configure your waiver to collect the customer data that you want, pretty much without limit. During the waiver setup you can select the questions that you want every guest to complete before they can process their waiver. 

Our advanced drag-n-drop waiver builder gives you absolute control over your waiver with any number of rich text, checkboxes and data fields to collect the information you need.

Below is an example of the builder (you can click here to see this waiver in action)

Additional Data Collected:

  • The Event Name that the customer is participating in
  • Date & Time they are participating (if available)
  • Date and Time Waiver Was Signed
  • IP Address of Signing Device
  • Digital Signature Consent Agreement
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