What data is accessed from bookeo?

eWaiverPro connects to your Bookeo account using a secure API (application programming interface) which is the way most online services and web apps communicate with each other. Just like with other services such as Google, Facebook, MailChimp and more; the eWaiverPro app must obtain authorization to access your Bookeo account before it will function or have access to any data. 

The data that is sent to and used by eWaiverPro is limited to:

  • Customer Name (person’s name who made the booking)
  • Booking Name (what was booked)
  • Booking ID (unique Bookeo ID code)
  • Booking Date & Time (when it was booked for)
  • # of Guests Booked (how many guests the booking was made for)
  • Customer Email Address (email address of person who made the booking)
  • Customer Phone Number (phone number of person who made the booking)
  • Participant Types (Custom Person Types in Bookeo: Children, Military etc...)

The data transmitted between Bookeo and the eWaiverPro App is used exclusively within your account at ewaiverpro.app. 

Your data is not saved or compiled for any use other than displaying upcoming booking details in your eWaiverPro  dashboard. No user identifiable data is ever shared with anyone or any other services.

Bookeo’s API feed may include other data pertaining to a reservation or booking; however that data is not used, compiled or collected by eWaiverPro .

The eWaiverPro app does not write or make any changes to your Bookeo account.

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