I received an error - what now?

Errors and how to fix them

We all hate errors and our team has gone to great lengths to ensure that eWaiverPro is stable and error free for everyone. 

Sometimes, however, problems do happen. The good news is that 99% of them are fixed by clearing your web browser's cache. Each web browser stores files on your individual device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) to speed up the loading of pages. Sometimes these files become outdated and need to be refreshed. 

Clearing your cache is simple and takes about 10 seconds, and below is a super helpful website with guidance on how to do this on most popular browsers:

APPLE DEVICES: https://clear-my-cache.com/apple-mac-os.html

WINDOWS DEVICES: https://clear-my-cache.com/windows.html

Experience an error after clearing your cache? 

On the device you're experiencing the error with, are you able to access other websites such as apple.com or google.com?

  • YES? Reboot your computer, tablet or smartphone and try again.
  • NO? Check your internet connections and when that is back up please try again. 

Still experience an error after rebooting your device and verifying your Internet connection is working? 

Email support@ewaiverpro.com

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