Can I send someone directly to a waiver?

Don't want to make guests click any buttons, just complete a waiver? 

No problem; we've built in some custom code that allows for this, and it's pretty simple. 

For this example, let's say you're about to have the Jones Family Reunion for 200 people with summer-time fun things for kids to do: obstacle courses, trampolines, bow & arrow contents, etc; but the venue wants everyone attending to sign waivers just in case. 

This is super simple:

  1. In your waiver settings, copy your Waiver URL (this example will be:
  2. Paste that into Word, Google Docs or whatever you use as a text editor 
  3. Add the following code at the end: /send-waiver/?=Family+Reunion
    1. /send-waiver/
    2. ?=Family+Reunion
  4. Now the full url should read:
    1. This link will now send each person directly to the waiver for Family Reunion so they can add their kids names and submit.
  5. Click the link to make sure it opens your waiver. If not, make sure you added the / in front of send-waiver. 
  6. Copy and paste that entire link into your email, text or even Facebook and ask each person to fill out a waiver. 

Questions or can't get it to work, email and we'll get you sorted out asap!

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