Zapier AI & Automation

Use Zapier to connect, sync & automate your eWaiverPro account with more than 5,000 apps and online services.

Q: What exactly is Zapier?
A: Zapier is an online service that "connects and automates" thousands of different online services to work with each other. 

Q: What can Zapier do?
A:  There are so many options that it would be difficult to document them all; but here are a few things Zapier can do with eWaiverPro:

✅ Save all your guest information to Google Sheets or Excel - automatically
✅ Save a copy of each signed PDF to your Google Drive or Dropbox - automatically
✅ No reservation system? No problem: connect to Stripe, Square or other systems
✅ Send a copy of every waiver to a "catch-all" email address - automatically
✅ Create or update contacts in your HubSpot, Salesforce or other CRM when a waiver is signed
✅ Add each guest to your Constant Contact or your SMS marketing application
✅ Connect eWaiverPro with any of 180+ booking and reservation systems
✅ Send a NDA to new clients prior to a Zoom call - automatically
✅ and a seemingly endless number of other options... 

All eWaiverPro accounts have full access to all Zapier features

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